YOUR CONNECTION to the media

...constant commitment and time. Regular conversations with journalists and editors give some indication with regards to the journalistic decision-making process of the media. That way topics and content can be coordinated and placed successfully.

...meaningful, relevant documents that offer the companies’ news and information in an objective and easily accessible manner.

...an understanding of the media and the people who work there. Collaboration becomes easier if you know the constantly changing, federal media landscape and its structures in Germany.

...an interpreter who can synchronise the company’s messages with those of the relevant media.

...a clear strategy, focus and formulation of goals to ensure that messages will reach the relevant target group.

...an extensive, personal network into the media. Personal contacts and cooperative collaborations with journalists and editors facilitate presence in relevant media.

...a distinctive dissociation from advertising. While good public relations can significantly increase the public’s awareness regarding a brand, company or product a clearly identifiable increase in sales can only be achieved indirectly.

Successful public relations require…